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  • 1) Display input and output data

    In this section, you can see the input and output data. For example, in the figure shown, you must enter the input data related to the employer's information so that this information will be displayed when receiving the report.

  • 2) Output Data

    By selecting any of these sections, you can get the corresponding output.

  • 3) Check List

    In this part, the important parameters in single Girder crane design are given, which are changed with green and red color by changing the input and output parameters.

  • 4) Input Data

    In this section, by entering the data related to each section, you can get the desired output.

  • 5) Report PDF

    In this section, after the end of the analysis, you can receive the output of the PDF report. And also see the output of the report before receiving it.

General Data

By selecting General Data from the input menu, a window will open as shown. The input data in this section is related to the basic parameters of the crane. In this section, you should enter the nominal capacity of the crane, the span of the crane, the dynamic coefficient of the crane design, the working group of the crane (its selection is very important) and the lifting height.

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Hoist Data

Enter the Hoist trolley information in this section. The selection of these parameters has a significant effect on the stress applied to the bottom plate of the bridge, the calculation of transverse engine power, etc.

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Main Girder

In this section, you must enter the information about the receiver. The selection of these parameters is very important. Choosing the size of the plates with the smallest distance from your creativity and calculating it instantly is one of the advantages of this software. Choosing the distance of the diaphragms has an important effect on the stress of the structure.

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End Carriage

This section is related to the longitudinal End Carriage input data. Enter the data based on the design according to the opposite figure. These parameters have an important effect on the size of the wheel base, the tension created in the end carriage, the selection of the rail size, the selection of the longitudinal motor power, the selection of the wheel bearing, etc.

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Motors Data

As its name suggests, the data of this section is related to transverse, longitudinal and lifting engines. For example, the parameters of ambient temperature and height above sea level are of particular importance for engine performance, so enter these data carefully and according to the needs of your crane.

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