DIN 1055-2 Actions on structures – Part 2: Soil properties


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(1) This standard specifies experimental values of soil parameters for use in determining the effects of the self-weight of soil or earth pressure on structures, subject to the criteria listed in items (2), (3) and (4) being complied with.
(2) The scope of the standard covers
-  simple structures of Geotechnical Category 1 as in DIN 1054;
-  buildings the foundation of which is not deeper than 3 m below ground level and in which the top face of storeys intended for occupancy by persons is on average not more than 7 m above ground level;
-  similar structures with a foundation level not deeper than 3 m below ground level;
-  the associated excavations.
(3) The use of this standard requires knowledge of the type, condition, size and thickness of strata, as obtained from site and other geotechnical investigations as in DIN 4020. The parameters as obtained from ground explorations as in DIN EN ISO 22475-1, and from laboratory and field testing, shall be expressed in compliance with DIN 1054: 2005-01,5.3.1 (1), also taking into account any other relevant information.
(4) The density values given are average values as specified in DIN 1054: 2005-01,5.3.1 (4) and the shear strength values are conservative, minimum values, as set out in DIN 1054: 2005-01,5.3.1 (1), it being assumed that any limitations and restrictions made regarding the following tables are observed.
(5) The values given refer both to cohesive and non-cohesive soil (see DIN 1054: 2005-01,5.2 for details).
NOTE Normally, supplementary geotechnical investigations as in DIN 4020 or on-site experience will permit more exact density values and shear parameters to be established for the particular construction project, with a view to optimizing the construction work. This will require consultation of a specialist with expert knowledge and experience in geotechnics, referred to in DIN 4020 as a geotechnical specialist.


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DIN 1055-2 Actions on structures - Part 2: Soil properties

DIN 1055-2 Actions on structures – Part 2: Soil properties