Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist

A double girder wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and mining. It is designed to lift and move heavy loads vertically and horizontally.

The double girder wire rope hoist consists of two parallel girders mounted on top of the building structure or on a freestanding framework. A trolley with a hoisting mechanism travels along the girders, and the load is suspended from the hoist by a wire rope.The hoisting mechanism is typically an electric motor-driven drum, around which the wire rope is wound. The motor can lift and lower the load, and the trolley can move the load horizontally along the girders. The hoist can also be equipped with additional features such as a variable speed control, overload protection, and anti-sway technology.

Double girder wire rope hoists are used in applications where heavy loads need to be lifted and moved over a long distance. They are commonly used in industries such as steel, paper, and automotive manufacturing, where heavy equipment and materials need to be lifted and moved between different areas of the factory.

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